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 We are pleased to welcome you to Eagle Point Mobile Home Park. We have much to offer and we hope this booklet will make it easier for you to join all of our activities. The Social Committee meets at 10:00 a.m. in the Wreck Room on the first Wednesday of each month from October through April.

The Social Committee is responsible for most of the events held during the season (November through March). “Working Groups” take turns hosting monthly functions such as dinner dances, Saturday morning coffee hour, pancake breakfasts, a casino night, shows, and salad card parties.

 The Working Groups are presently made up as follows:

      Working Group 1--Sunseekers

Working Group 2--Moonstones

Working Group 3—Rocking  Robins

Working Group 4—Eagles

Working Group 5--Medley 

Join your group, get involved and have fun getting to know others in the park.  

Tickets to activities are on sale every Saturday morning at coffee and usually on Wednesdays from 10:00 - 11:00 a.m. in the Social Hall. Tickets to most activities are not sold at the door. Every resident is entitled to one ticket per event. In a household with only one resident, there is an option to purchase a second ticket without being placed on a waiting list for the event. If, after purchasing tickets, you find that you cannot use them, please turn them back to the ticket seller and DO NOT pass them on to a friend. This makes it fair to people on the waiting list for that function. ONCE YOU HAVE PURCHASED TICKETS, LOOK FOR THE SIGN-UP SHEET ON THE SOCIAL HALL BULLETIN BOARD AND SIGN UP FOR A TABLE. It is recommended that you buy tickets early. In the event that tickets are not sold out the week prior to the event, tickets for guests will be available for purchase as noted in the section entitled

PURCHASE OF TICKETS for Eagle Point residents in the activities section.

 Notices of social events and the comings and goings of Eagle Point residents and the Park are found in the monthly publication THE SCREAMING EAGLE. This is our internal newspaper which is published from October through May.  A calendar of events is printed each month for the sponsoring working groups.  This calendar will list events which the responsible working groups have planned and other ongoing activities, such as the exercise programs, card and other games, bowling, horseshoes, shuffling, bingo golf and many more activities.  The calendar will be delivered to your tube monthly and the Screaming Eagle is available on the Eagle Point

Web Site or delivered to your email as well at the Park office.

 The Activities Room in the Social Hall is always open and everyone is welcome to make use of it. There is a large screen TV, DVD player and DVD library. In addition, there is a VCR and a VCR tape library from which you may borrow tapes to watch at home. There is also a Wii Play-Station for games and exercises and a small book library which you are welcome to use. 

There is a new list of Activity Coordinators for the many activities available. You may obtain a copy from the Office or the Welcoming Committee. Activities are open to everyone - contact the coordinator listed. Suggestions are always welcome.

Please register with the Activities Coordinator if you are a veteran of any of the armed services.


Eagle Point Park has a web site www.eaglepointmhp.org where you can access to learn more about the Park. The information you will find there includes:

·         Announcements

·         The Screaming Eagle (Newsletter)

·         Social Events

·         Photo Album of the Park

·         Board of Directors and Minutes

·         Committees

·         Documents and Forms

·         Links and Services

Sign on and learn all you can about Eagle Point Park! It’s a great place to call home.

 Updated 03/22/16