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Changes to Recycling Schedule

Please note that the recycling pickup day has been changed to Wednesday now that the new company has taken over. Pleased place the new, rolling containers curbside each WEDNESDAY morning until further notice.


Changes to Punta Gorda's Recycling Program

Recycling carts will be delivered to residential customers by the City’s new service provider, Waste Management, in September.

City staff is working with the current vendor, Waste Pro, to schedule final pickup of recyclables as well as the 18-gallon bins. Additional information and dates will be made available when finalized. Seasonal residents should be assured that cart distribution plans will accommodate their return to paradise.


Committee Chairpersons Selected

Audit - Bill Mowery

Building & Grounds - John Triantafillo

Development - Carl Meyers

Finance - Fran Dickey

Social - Ina Stark


2015-2016 Officers Elected at Organizational Meeting

President - Dave Churchill             Secretary - Steve Fessenden

1st V.P. - John Trantafillo              2nd V.P. - Bill Mowery

Treasurer - Fran Dickey               Asst. Treasurer - Carl Meyers

Asst. Secretary - Ina Stark


Three New Board Members Elected at Annual Meeting

At the March 24, 2015 shareholder meeting, three new faces were elected for two year terms:

     Carl Meyers, #233

     Bill Mowery, #181

     John Triantafillo, # 93


Rule Change


The following change to the Park’s Rules & Regulations were adopted by the Board of Directors on April 23rd, 2014, allowing lawn sprinkler systems meeting certain guidelines to be installed on a lot.     


 (Underlined words were inserted – crossed-out words were deleted)




e)       Outside water (non-potable) is provided through a PARK pumping system from the pond. This is non-potable water. During water shortages, all residents must adhere to all watering restrictions as directed by the City of Punta Gorda, Charlotte County and /or the PARK BOARD.


f)        Sprinkler systems are prohibited. Misters or other low-volume systems may be installed in planters or garden areas. Lawn sprinklers will be permitted to be installed with the written approval of the PARK office. Such systems must be installed so as to meet the requirements found in Section-V(g) of the Rules and Regulations. Any watering equipment must not interfere with the mowing of lawns. When the HOMEOWNER is absent from the park, all such systems must be used in conjunction with an automated timer system.





g)       All permitted lawn watering systems (sprinklers) must be installed so that any piping, tubing or hoses are located along the front or sides of the home and that the water is directed away from the home onto the lawn or shrubs. Sprinkler directions and volumes must be adjusted to reduce the amount of water reaching the roads or adjacent properties. Permitted watering days and times-of-day will be assigned at the time the installation is permitted, subject to any additional restrictions imposed by the governmental entities.




Current City and County Restrictions:

·             Lawn watering is limited to twice per week (if needed)

·             Before 8 a.m. or after 6 p.m.

·             Hand watering and micro-irrigation of plants (other than lawns) can be done on any day and at any time using a shut-off nozzle on their hose, so water isn't wasted.


Eagle Point’s Lawn Watering Schedule:

Addresses ending in 0 or 5 - Mon before 10:00am & Thur after 4:00pm

Addresses ending in 1 or 6 – Tue before 10:00am  & Fri after 4:00pm

Addresses ending in 2 or 7 - Wed before 10:0am & Sat after 4:00pm

Addresses ending in 3 or 8- Thur before 10:00am & Mon after 4:00pm

Addresses ending in 4 or 9-  Fri before 10:00am & Tue after 4:00pm

Addresses ending in   “A”   -  Sat before 10:00am & Wed after 4:00pm